XL-PLUS Sublimation Papers:

For high speed, bright & permanent result! XL-PLUS Sublimation Papers come as both Non-sticky & Sticky papers to be used according to your application. Whether it is on hard surfaces like wood, glass, Mug, Tiles or on a soft Textile fabric, leather etc., XL-PLUS Sublimation papers render the excellent result. High ratio ink transferring results in rich color rendition and true tone on the substrata. Our papers are also of quick drying time and avoids 'ghost' imaging that happens in poor quality paper, during the transfer from sublimation paper to substrata.

SUPERDRY Sublimation Papers:

Latest generation instant dry sublimation papers, designed for the industrial High speed printers from Reggiani, MS-Italy, Durst or Mimaki. For aqueous sublimation inks with an increased content of high boiling substances (i.e. Ricoh and Kyocera print heads), high colour transfer, instant dry, reduced wet cockling, excellent flatness.
3781 – Sublicolor SuperDry Paper 50 gsm matt
3791 – Sublicolor SuperDry Paper 95 gsm matt

UNIVERSAL sublimation papers

Specially coated sublimation papers for digital sublimation transfer. An all-rounder with excellent, Drying times and extremely high colour transfer rates – Easy to handle, excellent performance. Suitable for interior design, advertising aids, soft signage etc. For printing with aqueous sublimation inks, high colour transfer, quick dry, sharp contour definition,Reduced wet cockling, excellent flatness.
3782 - Sublicolor Universal Paper 70 gsm matt
3792 - Sublicolor Universal Paper 90 gsm matt

Instant drying so, no smudging of ink while releasing
Best color result of over 95%
Works well with all inkjet high speed printers
Broad range of width & length options
Can transfer to any substrata like ceramic, metal, fabric etc.
Available as A4 sheets & rolls in 100 gsm (std) and 112 gsm (extra premium)

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