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Vijayakumar Nidamanur

With over 35 years of expertise Mr. Vijayakumar has gained vast experience in these speciality papers. He deals with quality and trusted products only and he visited Germany, USA, japan, UAE, China etc., for business purposes.


To work towards its presence in global markets and become a benchmark company in marketing speciality paper products and provide quality, eco-friendly paper & printing solutions.

 Excel Mark
 Excel Mark


He also visits National & International trade exhibitions to upgrade the products. Mission Marching towards 2020... Creating innovative ideas to offer quality and environment friendly products to itscustomers. Constantly increase the product line & production capacity with fully automated conversion plant to meet the market demands.

Quality Policy

Our quality is achieved through a rigorous process of developing the workforce and enhancing them to become a professional team in handling the customer, materials and equipments. Maintain relationships with employees and suppliers so as to improve productivity and decrease the product cost. Strive to meet our customer expectation and provide value during every interaction.

 Excel Mark

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