Product Description

As the pioneers in the thermal papers, ADEMS Thermal papers are made of superior quality to deliver silky smooth finish and glossy appearance. ADEMS Thermal papers confirm the safety standard of The European Thermal Paper Association (ETPA).

EXCELMARK started importing these thermal papers right from the time when these were becoming popular during 1990s. We import papers from Global Majors like Mitsubishi, Koehler, Kimoha, Thermax, Oji etc., for the manufacturing of these rolls.

ADEMS Thermal Papers play a pivotal role in providing thermal papers to customers for various applications. We also provide Color Tinted Thermal Paper rolls from 48 gsm to 80 gsm for a range of requirements.

Application areas:

Thermal Papers have innumerable range of applications. Today almost any business / organization use thermal paper in many of their transactions. Banks, Hospitals, Retail shops, Travels, Ticketing... name anything; thermal paper shows its presence constantly.

Anything in the market that needs a slip as a token of transaction, ADEMS Thermal papers shows its hallmark presence. Top Coat Thermal Papers: These are the special Top Coated fine thermal papers to retain image durability for very long years.Top Coat thermal paper finds its importance in: Medical Gaming Toll Plaza Ballot Paper for EVMs Theaters (entertainment) Lottery Transport ( Bus, Train, Air tickets) Financial statement etc. Available from 70 gsm to 130 gsm, these thermal papers also provide advertisement space for brands to showcase their product(s) in a colorful way!

Sizes to suite your printer & needs: There are certain standard sizes readily available with us to suite the market requirement. Standard sizes in POS / Cash Register rolls: 80 mm / 57 mm / 110 mm width Apart from these sizes we are also specialized in making customize sizes. We provide standard export pkg. for all our products. CAD / Plotter rolls for engineering drawing and graphic needs are also available with us. We also provide pre-printed thermal rolls for all purposes and customized sizes. Prime quality thermal paper, dark image, clear definition, good brightness and long keeping time.

Product advantage:

Owing to the thermal printers demand ADEMS thermal papers adhere to strict quality standards to deliver the desired result. Especially the Top Coat thermal papers are additionally coated to prevent the influence of environmental factors.

Some of the special features of ADEMS Thermal Papers are: Uniform blackening , Smooth surface, No fouling of print head, Excellent ink receptivity , No abrasion, Non-hazardous to humans, Eco-friendly Unlike normal thermal papers.

ADEMS Thermal Papers are no risk, whatsoever to environment, in terms of use, storage or disposal.

Non-fadeable thermal paper rolls :

Our Non-fadeable grade thermal paper rolls differ from other normal POS Thermal papers in terms of non-fadeability for longer period of time. The medical bills, Bank statements etc., printed on Non-fadeable thermal papers guarantee the required storage time even under some extreme climatic conditions.

  • If complied with the storage conditions, you can rely on its guaranteed durability!
  • The European Thermal Paper Association (ETPA) confirms the safety of direct thermal papers.
  • The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) stated has recently reaffirmed that there is no risk to human health through handling these products.
  • The European Food and Safety Association (EFSA), also reached the same conclusion.
  • The British Environmental Agency states in the Risk Assessment it issued in February 2010 that there is no risk to human health through handling direct thermal papers. The report also confirms that there is no risk to the environment, e.g. through the recycling of direct thermal papers.

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